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The present capacity of transmission network of JSEB as on dated 31.07.2013 is as below:

  1. Grid Sub-Station

220 kV voltage level               –          1050 MVA
132 kV  voltage level              –          1860 MVA

  1. Transmission Line

400 kV                                    –          180 CKM
220 kV                                     –          903 CKM
132 kV                                     –          1755 CKM

Transmission system have to be developed on the consideration that Electrical energy is coveted form of energy because it can be generated centrally in bulk and transmitted economically over a long distance through transmission system. Population is growing exponentially, electricity based industries are also coming up rapidly and hence demand of electricity is growing manifold. Unlike water and gas electricity cannot be stored and requires a capable transmission network. As per report of the Power Survey of India Power demand is roughly doubling in every 10 years at National level but in Jharkhand there is a tremendous scope of growth of load even at higher rate. A large chunk of areas of Jharkhand is facing acute shortage of power due to non -availability/inadequate capacity of transmission system and non-availability of reach in DVC command area. Now Jharkhand is moving rapidly towards power hub after signing various MOUS by the Govt. of Jharkhand for various types of industries such as production of steel and mining of coal .To meet the demand for such activities, availability of electricity and its transmission through a reliable transmission network and associated infrastructure/network of adequate capacity is a pre-requisite and this has to be developed at the opportune time to match with the fast growth of industries and society as well.
Also with the coming up of a number of Generation projects and Rural Electrification schemes (RGGVY) as well as ever increasing demand of reliable and uninterrupted power supply to every nook and corner of Jharkhand State, a decision has been taken by the Govt. of Jharkhand that all villages of the state are to be electrified. This has also stressed on need of construction of Grid Sub-Station and transmission lines to cater power to these sub-station efficiently and with reliability.
JSEB has planned to cater the above requirement as well as to have an adequate transmission network for evacuation of power from IPPs/ CPPs, to meet demands of industrial requirement, to feed electricity to PSS for RGGVY as well as mines and railways in the region of Jharkhand state. Following transmission lines and grids have been planned to meet the above requirement in 12th Five Year Plan:

Total No. of Grid Sub-Station             –          22
Transformation capacity                      –          5160 MVA
            Circuit Length (in KM)            –          2627
            No. of Transmission Line         –          49

Associated Transmission System of Generation projects for Evacuation

Sl. No.

Generation Project

Associated transmission system to be commissioned


Extension of PTPS (2x660 MW)

  1. 400 kV GSS at PTPS
  2. 400 kV PTPS to Bero
  3. 400 kV PTPS to Latehar


Essar (Chandwa) (3x600 MW)

  1. 400 kV Essar to Latehar


Abhijeet (Chandwa) (3x600 MW)

  1. 220 kV LILO Latehar to Chatra


Jindal (Godda) (2x660 MW)

  1. 400 kV Godda to Dumka
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