JHARKHAND URJA SANCHARAN NIGAM LIMITED EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI), FOR HIRING ONE PAIR OF SPARE FIBRE OUT OF JUSNL’s OPGW LINK ON JUSNL TRANSMISSION NETWORK EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) NO.: 52/ PR/ JUSNL/ 2016-17 Jharkhand Urja Sancharan Nigam Limited (JUSNL), the State Transmission Utility (STU) of Jharkhand, owns and operates Extra High Voltage Intra –State Transmission system at 220kV & 132kV levels. JUSNL intends to lease out one pair of optical fibres in the following 220 KV & 132 KV Transmission Lines which is apprx 950 KM having 24 nos of optical fibres. Out of the above, JUSNL intends to lease one pair of fibre to suitable interested party. List of Lines on which OPGW can be leased S/N Name of Line Length (KM) 1 PTPS - Hatia II 39 2 Hatia II - LILO at Tower 77 in Chandil Line 25 3 Hatia II- Lohardagga 61 4 Chandil - Ramchandarpur 35 5 Lohardagga- Latehar 56 6 Hatia I- Hatia II Ranchi 0.4 7 Rupnarayanpur- Dumka 73.263 8 PTPS- TTPS 57 9 PGCIL RCP-JUSNL RCP 0.7 10 Chandil-Rajkharsawan 34 11 Jamtara-Madhupur 54.264 12 PGCIL Chaibasa-JUSNL Chaibasa 0.81 13 Ramchandrapur-Chaibasa 38 14 Ramchandrapur-Jadugoda 45 15 Jadugoda-Dhalbhumgarh 32 16 Chaibasa-Manoharpur 93 17 Manoharpur-simdega 112 18 TTPS-Govindpur 98 Page 2 of 3 19 Govindpur-Dumka 103 Total 957.437 JUSNL invites “Expression of Interest” from experienced Telecom/Internet service providers, National Long distance operator/Cable TV operators, or any other prospective customers having valid license from competent authority for leasing/hiring of 2 nos (one pair ) of above OPGW link. Interested parties should indicate details of their technical and financial features in support of their firms. The detailed proposal indicating use of fibre, period of use (initially for 3 years) etc. for the above leasing of optic fibre shall reach this office by 2pm of 23.08.2016. JUSNL shall consider to lease out the above mentioned optical fibre link through a competitive bidding among the techno-commercially short listed parties through this EOI. Rates should be quoted as per annexture-I Chief Engineer (Transmission) Jharkhand Urja Sancharan Nigam Limited 2nd Floor, Room No. 214, Engineering Building, HEC, Dhurwa, Ranchi – 834004 Phone: 0651-2400008 Fax: 0651-2400123 Email: cetjusnl@gmail.com Page 3 of 3 Annexure-I Price Format for hiring of OPGW links in JUSNL Transmission network: S/N Rate per km per annum per fibre including other taxes and duties. Rate of rent for space at required substation per annum per sqft. Space required per location Increment in space rent in % per annum A B C D E Note: 1. The maintenance of the OPGW links will be on the part of the bidder. 2. Rate under column E above will be minimum @10% per annum.