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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a new connection ?

If you need a new connection from JSEB, this is how you need to go about it.

  • First, get the requisition form from nearest supply sub-division for your locality. You will be provided with this form free of cost.
  • Next, fill up this form (in duplicate) and submit it to the Assistant Electric Engineer at that sub-division.
  • In order to qualify for such a service, you need to be either the lawful owner of the premises or a tenant with proper permission from the land lord. Attach such supporting documents with your application.
  • Remember that there should be no prior dues of JSEB pending against you or the premises for which the application is made.
  • If you are applying for a connection in the urban area, find out the account no., route no. and the pole no. of the nearest connection to that of your premises and make it available along with your application so that JSEB can quickly identify the location from which a connection can be provided. If the application asks for a connection in the rural area, provide the complete postal address.
  • Now comes the issue of finding out the type of wiring that you have had carried out at the site. JSEB expects a test report of the this along with details of load by a Licensed Electrical Contractor. In case of a HT connection, certificate from the manufacturer or a recognized lab for the type of electric work at the site will also be needed along with clearance certificate by an Electrical Inspector.
  • Then a survey of load will be carried out for you and a sanction for a specific volume of load will be granted. This exercise helps us determine how much you should be charged for service connection, what will be the expenditure on materials and how much should be your security deposit to JSEB.
  • You will then need to deposit the amount prescribed. If the premises belong to a Partnership Firm, the partner who has been duly authorized by other partners can execute this part of exercise. In case of a Company, this will be done only by the Managing Director and in case of a govt. dept., the Secretary will execute this task. A copy of the Partnership Deed or Articles of Association must be submitted along with the list of Partners/Directors with their permanent and present postal addresses. A certificate of registration or incorporation with the govt. body should also be submitted.
  • All these necessary documents should be duly certified by the authorized person before their submission with a date and stamp.
  • The LT class domestic and commercial consumers are not required to execute separate agreement with JSEB but they still must sign a declaration in the Requisition Form that will serve the purpose of a formal agreement.
  • On compliance of all the formalities, requisite service connection will be released on a parity basis. However, JSEB reserves the right to grant an out of turn connection as well.

How to get the connection restored ?

If your electrical connection was discontinued and now you need to have it restored, this is how you will go about it:
  • First, submit a request for restoration of electric supply with the concerned Electrical Executive Engineer.
  • Your request will be processed for validity and a bill of disconnection/re-connection will be prepared for you by the Electric Executive Engineer.
  • After you have paid the bill your electric connection will be restored.

How the Billing System Works ?

If you are wondering how the energy billing system works, here is a brief outline of the process involved:
  • After energization of any new connection, a Service Connection Report (SCR) is submitted by the concerned Junior Engineer or the Assistant Electrical Engineer to the billing section of the concerned sub-division of JSEB along with details like metering arrangement, initial meter reading, etc.
  • As per the predetermined cycle, you will receive your first energy bill. This will arrive usually within the first two months of getting a new connection.
  • The new bill will be prepared with the meter readings as noted down by the meter reader who will visit your premises.
  • This bill will have the last due date clearly mentioned on it and you are expected to deposit the charges mentioned therein before the due date is over.
  • Failing to deposit the energy charges within the period specified will result in disconnection of electric supply and a penalty of 2% of the bill amount will be imposed on you for every month that you fail to clear the dues.
  • If you have any grievance related to energy bill that you have received, please take up the matter to the concerned Assistant Electrical Engineer or the Executive Electrical Engineer of that area.
  • For smooth and continued service, do make sure that you pay the energy charges within the stipulated time. This will also entitle you to special rebates that JSEB offers to its consumers for timely payment of bills.


This is how you can help to conserve electrical energy with respect to the lighting at your home :
  • Turn-off the lights if opening of the ventilation, sufficient sun light can light up the room.
  • Use CFL/Fluorescent Lights instead of bulbs whenever possible.
  • Reduce usage of high wattage bulb where less light will do.
  • Use newer variety of 36 Watts thin tube lights instead of older tube lights.
  • Use compact fluorescent lamps in the open passages, toilets and bathrooms.
  • Use electronic ballast/choke in the tube lights instead of electromagnetic ballasts and make use of electronic speed regulators in the fans.
  • By using light shades of colour on the walls, you can bring down the lighting requirement by 40%.
  • If you use air-conditioners, reduce their operational time by one or two hours per day. Also, get their filters cleaned up on a regular basis. A choked or clogged filter can result in improper cooling as well as higher consumption of electrical energy.

Kitchen Appliances

There are several devices in a common kitchen which can be made to consume lesser volume of electrical power if used properly.
Let us look at correct usage of a Refrigerator:
  • Open refrigerator door only when necessary and know in advance what exactly you are looking for inside it.
  • To keep your refrigerator running smoothly, clean the coils periodically by removing all sorts of dust that might have settled on it. Ensure that these coils are a minimum of 4 inches away from the nearest wall and their is enough room around them breath.
  • Do not place the refrigerator near heat sources like ovens, gas stove, etc.
  • Adjustable shelves can help you use the internal space more efficiently. Special storage compartments where we can keep meat, fruits and vegetables at the right temperature.
  • Remember to cover the food before putting it inside the refrigerator.
  • Have the door seal checked on annual basis to confirm that its working properly. At the same time, get the thermostat checked.
  • Defrost your refrigerator if the ice inside gets more than quarter of an inch thick. Regular defrosting helps in conserving electrical power.
Devices like Ovens and Microwaves can also be made to conserve energy by following these tips :
  • Use pots that fit the range of cooking unit, cover the pans and use only a little amount of water. Keep the cooking range clean and the reflectors in a shiny condition.
  • You can cook variety food of the oven at the same time or make extra portions for future meals. Arrange the dishes inside the oven for proper flow of air. Don't line the racks with the foil.
  • Use small appliances and the microwave oven as much as possible. They are not only quicker but even more economical than a cooking range.
  • Automatic cleaning system helps to keep the oven clean and efficient. Utilize such a system while the oven is still hot from baking.
  • Do not pre-heat the oven unless your recipe calls for it. Ensure that the oven doors remain closed during baking period.
  • Keep your microwave oven clean so that the heat is concentrated on the food and not the spills.
Washing Machines can also prove out to be power consume devices if not utilized correctly. To make better use of them, follow these tips :
  • Do wash at full load but do not overload the machine. Avoid usage of drier unit of the machine so as to save on electrical energy.
  • Keep the lint filter clean.
  • Presoak heavily soiled laundry whenever possible.
  • Use two loads one after another to dry out in the drier. This will help us make use of the heat still available within the drier unit that was produced to dry out the first load.
  • Adjustable water level should be correctly used so as to save the quantity of water used in a wash.
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